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When Service Dogs Work.....


Hello together!


Me, Strudel, and my sister Scarlett are Instructor Service Dogs, training other service dogs to be life savers to their Moms and Dads. (I am retired now!)

We are there for our owners only! We are not circus dogs that entertain people, nor are we pets! Our owners and us are a great professional team, focusing on each other, and we are helping them to get through their daily life. They depend on us!


Some of the doggie parents have PTSD, Anxiety, some Seizures, Diabetics, some have Mobility and Balance problems. We need to be there for them, to help them. So please, understand, we cannot be talked to, nor petted, nor do we like to be barked and lunged at from other doggies, otherwise we get distracted, and could miss an alert, like for an upcoming seizure, and much more. It could be devastating to our Mom's and Dad's health. Having a disability is hard enough, and working for somebody that has one, all day long, can be challenging for us, even though we love our job!

So, we hope you don't think we are snobby dogs, or our owners are unfriendly, because they don't let you talk to or pet us. They are just doing their job to help us doing ours! Thanks a lot for reading!



Yours as always,



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