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So Your Dog Is Missing?


Hello dear readers!


Today, I like to talk about something important, that I read on Facebook all the time!  Your dog ran away!  That is terrible, and I hope with all my heart that you find him soon!  


Things can happen, a child leaves the door open by accident, or grandma forgets to close the gate, some doggies are just bored at home, and they take of, right over the fence, simply because there are more interesting things going on, than at their house!


Or you have not neutered or spayed your dog, and they take a little stroll, and check out the neighborhood doggies! :)  Not funny actually, since we have enough puppies that will turn into unwanted dogs!  But please don't blame us!!!!


You didn't have us altered, or didn't close the door, or the gate.  Not to mention, if you have not trained us, how do we know not to take off?  So by now, I guess you get my point!



My advice for all dog owners is:


  • Don't leave the door, or gate open, especially if your dog is new, or not very very well trained!  


  • If there is thunder and lightening out there, or a fire work, please don't leave us outside!  We can panic!  Most of us don't like those scary things!


  • Please raise your walls or fences, if your dog likes to jump over it!  Give him enough daily exercise- together with you!  Keep your dog mentally challenged!  


  • Please note, there are dog thieves out there that will sell us, or give us to dog fighting rings.  Do not leave us out in the yard unsupervised, especially if we are not locked in a kennel or dog run!  Put locks on your gate!  Pay attention to suspicious vehicles around your neighborhood!  


  • And for the Moms and Dads of my little doggie friends, coyotes and big owls might think we are a snack, so please be aware of this!


  • Put us on a leash, when you go out with us in public, not to mention that we have a leash law in Albuquerque! It's safer for us, and for the rabbits :) we might like to chase!  Not too mention all the cars out there!  If we get scared, or chased, we will just run!

  • Do not expect us to have the perfect recall, when you did not train us for it!  It will take time, patience and lots of practice --- LOTS!!!

  • And one more very important thing: Please put an engraved tag with our phone number, address, and name on our collar!  Who finds us, can call the pet parent right away!  Microchip us, and make sure the information is always current!!!  It would not help otherwise, wouldn't it???  Microchips can only be read by animal shelters and veterinarians, in other words, the finder has to get us there first!  If they are see my point?  The doggie tag comes in handy!  But if we loose that, we still have the chip!!!  


Well, on this note, I wish all my doggie friends a very safe live!! And for the Moms and Dads:  If you take care of us, we will take care of you, if need arises!










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