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Socialization Fun Class


Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC offers Socialization Fun Classes for their four- legged students with no extra charge.





RCWDR has some requirements to participate, since the exercises and the stress level of being around other dogs and people might be too much for some students; however, after behavior rehab, and/ or some private training, they are ready to attend!  RCWDR has those requirements for the benefit of all students to have stress- free, and fun classes!


The participants are currently in training with RCWDR, and have been evaluated to attend the classes!


The participants have been in training with RCWDR in the past, and have been evaluated to attend the classes, and there is space available! 

The handler of the dog has to be the owner, or at least live in the same household, and has received the proper training to handle the dog!



Location of classes:


We will go to places like Public Parks and Old Town.  Dogs learn to deal with real- life distractions and situations.  Please call at 505-515-5635 for the current training venue, since it will vary at times.



Day and time of classes:


RCWDR will held two classes per month:


  • every first Sunday of each month at 8.30am or 10.00am, depending on the time of the year, for Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and other Working Dogs, as well as Puppies.  


  • every third Sunday of each month at 8.30am or 10.00am, depending on the time of the year, for Rehab Dogs.


The time, as well as the venue, will be emailed to students!  


There are no classes on holiday weekends; however, they will be held on the following Sunday!  There are no classes in January!  


Curriculum of classes:


Four- legged students will learn how to behave, and hang out around other dogs, and people in public.  We will do pack walks at times, as well as performing different confident building exercises, learning new skills, and playing fun games to keep the canines mentally challenged.  



Amount of students per classes:


The amount of students per class will vary due to different venues! Please confirm your attendance to reserve your free space!


Please understand, that only one dog per handler is allowed to participate in classes, to assure proper control of the dogs!



Attending children:


Only children over 10 years are allowed in classes (unless approved by trainer otherwise); however, they have to stay with their parent(s) at all times!  The strict rule is for the benefits of the dogs, and the safety of the children!



*All dogs have to be on leash!  (Only equipment used in private sessions is allowed in classes!)*


**Please wear comfortable shoes to avoid accidents!**

***Attending Classes is at your own Risk!!!***






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