Ralph's Associates


Hello my friends!  I am a Rottweiler adolescent.  My name is Watson, aka Mr."W", Nurse Watson, and Twinkles.  My wonderful Daddy also calls me Watsy and Creeper. Boy, I wonder why I have so many names? :) Anyway, one day I will know as much as my late sister Scarlett, who I adored.  I have a long way to go and big "paws" to fill - becoming my Mom's Training Assistant and be called "Dr. Watson"! :)  I enjoy mostly my socialization time in the big world out there with my Mom, Dad and our four- legged friends and students!  Life is great! 

Our highly skilled & wonderful Volunteers:






Hi, my name is Ziva, a 13 years old Aussie/ Border Collie Mix.  My lovely Momma adopted me, and sent me right to doggie- school with Ms. Kirsten, my best friend Strudel's Mom.  I am very beautiful, and very very smart!  I know a lot of skills, including tricks!  They are my favorites!  I started volunteering for Ms. Kirsten years ago, and still love it!  The best is, I get paid in treats!        


Hello friends, my name is Gizmo, a 11 years old Shitzu.  I am retired now, and pursuing my hobby to help training doggies as my wonderful brother Lobo did!  He was the greatest, and I have big paws to fill; however, I am having a lot fun doing just that.  Life is good!      


Hi, my name is Kinsey, also known as "The flying Non", because of my cute ears! :)  I am 10 years old, and a German Shepherd.  I am also my Mommie's service dog, and on my free days, I help out my teacher Ms. Kirsten!         

Even though, my dear husband Rich does not appreciate that I write this :), I still want to mention him. Without him, I would have never been able to full-fill my dream, and open up my own business.  He has always been my biggest fan, and huge supporter in training canines, and learning everything about them. Rich helped me all the way through to make this possible.  Thank you honey--- I love you forever!