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Ralph's Associates


Hello my friends!  My name is Watson.  My wonderful Daddy also calls me Watsy. I am a 3 years old purebred Rottweiler, coming from a long line of East European Border Patrol Dogs.  All my ancestors are Working Dogs.  I am enjoying my comprehensive training program with my Daddy and my lovely Mom.  I am still figuring out, what I want to be specialized on; so hard to decide since I have so many talents.  My big goal is to be called "Dr. Watson"! :)  My hobbies are riding in the car, playing with my many doggie friends, goofing of with my sweet sister Violet who I adore, watching mysteries with my Mommy, and going out to different public places.


Howdy and good day!  My name is Violet, aka Bubiline (it's a very long story, how I got my nick name :)).  I am a Bluetick- Coonhound with a tiny touch of Basset Hound.  I am a country girl and about 5 years old, and my Mom rescued me from a rural high- kill shelter.  I was first very very scared about everything, even just to be in the house.  My Mom did extensive Behavior Rehab with me, since I had a lot of different behavior problems and have never been trained.  I used to be a neglected backyard breeding dog, and that's all I ever knew.  Now I have the most beautiful and safe home. I like to stick my nose in all the flowers in the yard, and absolutely love to go out with my Mom, Dad and my brother Watsy who I love dearly. I enjoy riding in the car and going to parks;... and I am my Mommy's training helper to rehabilitate other doggies, which is my favorite thing to do!  My Mommy says, I have a natural talent knowing just what to do in any situation.  I love people and all kinds of animals, and as you can probably guess by now, my fears and phobias I used to have, are melted away, and I am the happiest, funniest, and prettiest girl.:) I love my new life, all my 4- legged students, hanging out with my brother Watsy, and being lazy at times. :)  My Mom who I love dearly, says I am extremely smart, just beautiful, and also a "stubborn pain in the behind" (not sure what that means, but I know Mommy is always happy around me, so it must be something good! :)) Have a peachy day!  

Our highly skilled & wonderful Volunteers:






Hello good day my friends!  I am Bell, the most prettiest, sweetest, adorable, well- behaved and smartest girl in the world.  I am a 3 years old Cattle Dog/ Pitbull/ and A- Lot- Of- Something- Else- Mixbreed :).  I love being a model for taking pictures, training classes, going out in public, my siblings Gizmo and Kinsey, and of course my lovely Momma, who rescued me from a shelter.  And here comes the best: I got hired as a volunteer for my Mom's friend Ms. Kirsten to help training student dogs!  And have I mentioned, I have my own chauffeur!  Life is beautiful!       


Hi, my name is Kinsey, also known as "The flying Non", because of my cute ears! :)  I am 12 years old, and a German Shepherd.  I am also my Mommie's service dog, and on my free days, I help out my teacher Ms. Kirsten!         

Even though, my dear husband Rich does not appreciate that I write this :), I still want to mention him. Without him, I would have never been able to full-fill my dream, and open up my own business.  He has always been my biggest fan, and huge supporter in training canines, and learning everything about them. Rich helped me all the way through to make this possible.  Thank you honey--- I love you forever!  

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