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Guten Tag! (Yes, I speak a little German!:))


Well, my topic today is Dogs and Tolerance!


As with people, a tolerance of a dog goes only so far!

As the owner, it is your responsibility to keep us safe!


When a dog trusts you that you do just that, and he does not already have a habit of reacting, his tolerance will grow over time!

So, if you ever miss another dog jumping on us, we will be more tolerant about it, but if you think we can handle other dogs going in our face, barking at us, and jumping on top of us, over and over.......think again!!!

Same with kids!!!  You need to teach us, how to behave around kids, on the other end, your kids have to learn to be gentle to us, and have respect!  Not so hard to understand!  Then everything will be just peachy!  We see kids as puppies, and don't want to be parented by them!

How long are you dealing with a person getting in your face, shouting at you, and may be even swinging a stick? I didn't think you would for very long;........ even the most tolerant person has eventually enough! So do we!!! Don't ever push us to that limit! After all, when we are on a leash, or are cornered, and can’t just leave; how do you think we feel??? You at least have the option to walk away!

Anyway, there is a lot more to it, especially if your dog is already reactive!


Just ask my Mom, if you need help! 

Yours always!


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