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Kirsten Ralph, born and raised in North Germany, had a passion for dogs all her life.  She started training her working dog Rico, a Great Pyrenees/ Golden Retriever/ Shepherd Mix in the mid 90's.  Rico worked with her in private investigations.  Kirsten rescued along the years many dogs, and found owners for them. 


When Kirsten and her husband Rich moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and started adopting several dogs from shelters, they literally had their hands full.  Kirsten and Rich hired two behaviorists, Rick & Heather Dillender, to help them sort out their issues.  They were amazed to learn about dog behavior, and shortly after, Kirsten became a certified dog trainer herself.  She worked as a dog trainer for a company for 5 1/2 years. 


Kirsten did mainly obedience training in group and private classes.  She noticed that many dog owners had the same problems they have encountered in the past.  She bought tons of books, DVD's, and attended seminars from several well- known dog trainers and behaviorists, and started learning about dog behavior problems, the canine language, and all the different training methods, using always positive reinforcement. 


Kirsten trained Therapy Dogs; became a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the American Kennel Club; trained blind, and deaf dogs; taught their canine students different tricks, using a clicker; trained dogs to participate in weddings; and eventually started training Service Dogs.  She also volunteered for the local Rescue Group H.A.R.T.. 


Kirsten wanted to learn more about Behavior Rehabilitation and Service Dog Training, and in January 2014, she enrolled in school with the company A Fresh Perspective Dog Training (Rick & Heather Dillender) in Rio Rancho to get certified in those specific fields, using the AFPDT Method.  She was able to graduate early the end of August 2014.  


During August 2014, Kirsten opened up her own business for Working Dog Training & Behavior Rehabilitation, administering training in client's homes and public places. 


Kirsten volunteered at/ for the no- kill shelter Watermelon Mountain Ranch in Behavior Rehabilitation to help dogs getting adopted out, and staying in their new homes, as well as learning everything about and from the dogs.  She still volunteers for H.A.R.T. Animal Rescue and Watermelon Mountain Ranch in Behavior Rehabilitation, when requested and time allows.


Kirsten is also a volunteer Pet Evaluator for Therapy Pets Unlimited, Inc., and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club.


Kirsten and her husband Rich currently own two dogs, being both in training to be Training Assistants.


Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC has a mission to help every owner to accomplish their training goals, and have a live- long fulfilling relationship with their dogs.

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