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In loving memory of Rico, my first dog, that was about 18 years old, when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the sweetest, most loving dog, I could have ever asked for.  We will always miss you!  Rest in peace Don Rico!



Doni was an angel, always a happy smiling dog.  She was 12 years old, when she went to Heaven.  We are so glad we had you in our family!  We will never forget you Teddy Bear!



Nali was 14 years old, when he went to see his siblings in Heaven.  He was the most loving big guy.  We miss you every day Baerchen!   



Strudelchen passed away, when she was 12 years old.  She was greeted by all her siblings and friends, already waiting in Heaven, when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge!  She was the sweetest, most politest, prettiest, and smartest dog, we have ever met! I owe everything to her, she made me the trainer I am today, teaching me everything I needed to know about dogs. She helped so many troubled dogs to stay in their homes, and trained working dogs with me. She taught her sister Scarlett well, who stepped in her paw steps, when she retired a few years ago from being an Instructor Service Dog, and an Assistant for Rehabilitating Dogs. Strudel was my partner, my life, my everything, and I am blessed and thankful we had her almost all her life.  We will never forget you! You are always with us in our hearts! We love you forever, Strudel, until we see us again one day.......❤❤❤   



Inspector Columbo, aka Bubi, was 13.5 years old, when he fell asleep in our arms, and went over the Rainbow Bridge to see all his siblings in Heaven.  Investigating, as well as relaxing on fluffy pillows were his favorite things to do.  He was the sweetest social butterfly, and funny goofball, loved by everyone who met him!  You will be missed every day, Columbo!  RIP sweet Bubi!



Comet Muffin, our little old man passed away suddenly being 17.5 years old. We got him when he was 11.5 years old, from a no- kill shelter, where he was a resident for many years.  While he went through behavior rehabilitation with me, I fell in love with this sweet old guy, and we adopted him into our pack.  He was a very happy camper being with us, and we are very sorry, we have not met him earlier in his life!  Thank you sweet boy Comet for 6 beautiful years!  I learned so much from you!  We will always keep you in our hearts!  Run free with your siblings in Heaven!



So unexpectedly, our sweet beloved 11 years old Scarlett fell asleep in our arms and went over the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven to see her pack she has adored all her life. She was very sick for a very short time, and we are grateful she didn't have to suffer for long. Scarlett, aka Pumpernickel, Soup Bone, Scarletta and Booger -yes she had a lot of names- was my Instructor Service Dog and assisted successfully in rehabilitating other dogs. She helped so many many dogs to stay in their homes, made their lifes easier, and helped training a lot of service and therapy dogs, as well as other working dogs. She was truly a gem, the sweetest one, the smartest with her own mind, and she had a great sense of humor. Even after she looks down on us from Heaven, she is missed highly and adored by so many, - especially us! It broke our hearts to say good bye to her - for now- until we meet again sweet girl! We will always love you! RIP Scarletta; you have your well deserved retirement in Heaven with all your siblings, you love so very much!

Lobo (Ralph's valuable Associate)


Our dear volunteer Lobo unexpectedly passed away at the age of 10, and went over the Rainbow Bridge.  You were everybody's darling, and all your girlfriends loved you dearly!  We loved having you volunteer in helping training other doggies all these years.  It was so much fun to have you around, and we are so glad, you had the very best exciting life any dog wishes to have.  We will miss you so much big guy!  We will always love you!  RIP sweet Lobo!

Ziva (Ralph's valuable Associate)


Sweet angel Ziva, our long- time volunteer sadly passed away at the age of 17 and went over the Rainbow Bridge to see all her beloved friends.  

Her lovely Momma adopted Ziva when she was a young adolescent, and her exciting life began.  She had the best home any dog could ever ask for. Ziva was a stunning beauty, very very smart, and highly trained!  She knew a lot of skills, including tricks!  They were her favorites!  She started volunteering many years ago.  Ziva made a huge difference in so many dogs' lifes. She assisted in rehabilitation, and helped successfully in working dog training. 

Ziva had just recently retired, and enjoyed her Golden Years.  We are all beyond sad that she had to leave us. She was the best helper ever and we will miss this sweet girl dearly!  We never forget you Ziva! We love you always!  RIP!          

Gizmo (Ralph's valuable Associate)


Our sweet old man Gizmo, aka Grand Pa, our wonderful volunteer passed away 14 years old.  He will join his siblings and his friends in Heaven!  Gizmo had a wonderful long life with his Mommie and four- legged family members.  He enjoyed his retirement, and loved volunteering with us!  We love you sweet Gizmo!  You will be highly missed! RIP!       

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