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Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC provides private in- home training to solve (or prevent) any behavior issues from hyperactivity, over-excitement, out-of-control behaviors, fear, phobia, nervousness, anxiety, aggressive behavior, excessive barking, jumping, leash reactivity, destruction, over-protectiveness, obsession, whining, in-home fighting, living with other pets, kids, and more.    


We will give you the understanding why dogs act out, and help you implementing a behavior rehabilitation program (at least 5- 6 hours) to solve your problems, according to your unique situation.  


In the first 3 to 4 hours Initial Session, we will coach you all the way through the program, and give you all the information you need.  During the Check- up Session (remaining hours), we will watch you handling your dog(s) in various situations, and assist you, if needed.  After a structured program is implemented, you should see a significant progress with the dog(s) after 4 to 6 weeks. 


A Follow- up Session of 2 to 3 hours is recommended to firm up your skills, and for any problems that might have occurred.


More training is available, also for outside of the home (See Socialization Program), but in general not necessary after an Initial, Check- up, and a Follow- up Session.




Fee for a Total of 5- 6 hours Sessions:


Includes Initial Session

of 3-4 hours In- Home Training


Includes Check- up Session

of remaining hours (Flat Fee):                   $ 250 + Tax




Fee for Follow- up Session includes

2-3 hours In- Home Training (Flat Fee):   $ 100 + Tax






RCWDR offers Behavior Rehabilitation for Foster Dogs of Rescue Groups & Shelters!

Please call for information and prices!



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