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The Power Of Leadership, Training, and Consistency!


Hello dear readers!


The power of leadership, training, and consistency!  Why am I telling you this?  Well, it’s very simple!  If you are not consistent with leadership, I will take over!  Are you going to like it?  Probably not!  Remember, I have been there!  I was pretty much in the “dog house” for a bit :), just because my Mom didn't know all this at first! 


So, for doggies who have been through behavior rehab, and are doing well that does not mean you can relax now, and don’t have to pay attention to us anymore.  It’s all easier now, sure…. since we are already agreeing to you …. at least most of the time! :)  But, it does not mean, you don’t need to watch us, or don’t have to keep us safe anymore, or let us walk all over you and let us make decisions again..... Got it???


Same goes for obedience!  You dragged us to the weekly obedience class--- and we loved it!  We made you proud, but you got to use what we have learned, or we will lose it!  Sounds all too familiar, right? Just like with people, isn't it?


And last but not least, a calm dog is a good dog!  We don’t like over-excitement, that’s stress- not happiness, and not to mention….too much excitement will turn into trouble!!!  But, we can only stay calm, if you are calm, and if you only reinforce calm!  Which means: Don’t pet us, if we are not calm. (“What you pet is what you get!"-- As my Mom likes to say!).  Feed us only, if we are calm, ignore us when you come home, and also do not make a big deal, when you leave the house!  We sure will thank you for it! Remember: We are doggies! Not people!


And.....oohhh....I almost forgot!  We do like to exercise with our favorite person, not just running around the yard!  We like to get out for a walk, and go to different places.....just like you!


When we have our needs met, we doggies stay calm, focused, and agreeable---- it makes our life's perfect, and our parents happy! :)


Love you all.........




Yours always,


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