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The Needs of a Dog!

Howdy my dear readers!

Did you know that we, the doggies, have needs, too?

That they are different from yours???

It’s called a daily structure, and leadership!

It’s not enough to give us “human things”, humanize us, or shower us just with love, and love only! Many of you believe just this and mean very well, and it makes you feel real good about yourselves; - but not so much us!


We will get behavior problems!  We need more than that..........


What we need is exercise together with you (walks), rules and boundaries, directions and guidance, feeling safe, spending time with you, and of course love and affection, but at the right time (we life in the moment)!


We need a calm, confident, and assertive leader!....

If you fulfill our needs, we are calm, focused and agreeable!

And everybody, 2- and 4- legged, will be happy!

Yours truly,



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