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Hello dear two- legged Readers!

My name is Strudel.  My Mom also calls me Strudelchen!  She is German, and some of the words she says, sound funny to me!  :)  I love her to pieces though!


I have worked for Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC as my Mom's Training Assistant, and as an Instructor Service Dog, being happily retired now!  I am now my Mom’s little Secretary:), and still help some doggies in class at times! 


I have worked together with my Mom since over eight years, and I have made a lot of great doggie friends on the way!  I have been very successful, and at the end of the day, I got paid with yummy treats and bonies!  


I have started my own page to give advice to other Moms and Dads.  We are actually simple creatures, living in the moment, and having our own needs and language.  When completely trained, and well-balanced, we stay only that way, if you provide leadership on a daily basis, and when you use obedience cues correctly and consistently!  


So please read my advice!  I am a smart girl, and know what I am talking about!  At least my Mom says so...... 


And if you do have questions, please call my Mom at 505-515-5635.  She is always happy to help another doggie!


All the best to all of you!  Wuff...Wuff...

Strudel  (Unfortunately, our precious Strudel cannot give anymore advise, since she peacefully passed away, and went over the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven! RIP Strudelchen!)




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