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Socialization Program


Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC offers socialization sessions (in public) for Puppies and Adult Dogs:



  • For Puppies: Early safe socialization for puppies is important to prevent behavior problems such as fear. Instead, they will live a more healthy and stress- free life.  


Fearful dogs will either avoid people or other dogs, trying to get away from them, or react towards them.  RCWDR will teach you how to socialize your puppy in a safe, positive and healthy way, by taking you out in public places with Ralph's Associates.  We teach you and your dog, how to get him used to different people, other dogs, various noises, and unfamiliar objects, as well as integrate core skills.

Please note, that puppies have to receive ongoing socialization all the way through their adolescent phases, as well as being taken out through their whole life's to stay well- balanced.   



  • For fearful Dogs: RCWDR rehabilitates dogs that are unsocialized; barking or lunging at people and other dogs, or reacting to noises and unfamiliar objects.  


If your dog is already reactive towards people or other dogs, tries to get away from them, or avoids them, RCWDR will teach you, how to socialize your dog gradually, and without stress, in a safe environment.  We will take you and your dog out in different public places, depending on what each individual can master.  RCWDR conducts different socialization exercises, with the assistance of Ralph's Associates.  If required, we teach you and your dog, how to get him used to different noises, or unfamiliar objects, as well as how to proceed during thunder storm season.  



Fee for 1 single Private

Socialization Session (in Public):   $ 81 + Tax                                              

Fee for a Package of 4 Private

Socialization Sessions (in Public):   $ 244 + Tax


[Special Gear is required for Reactive Dogs (external triggers)!]




In- Home Sessions of 5- 6 hours (Additional $350+ Tax) are required for dogs with behavior problems!

Training in Public, unless needed in your neighborhood, will be only on the NW- side of Albuquerque!

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