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One- Of- A- Kind Dog Training


Ralph Clever Working Dogs & Rehabilitation, LLC offers a One- Of- A- Kind Dog Training Service, such as training your dog to participate in a wedding, carrying your rings down the aisle and perform a few cute tricks at the altar.  


Having your beloved pooch well- behaved during your birthday party, without jumping on guests, and eating the cake.


Or taking your pet into an outside area of a restaurant to meet with friends, and not have him beg for food, trip the waitress, or harass the dog at the neighbor table.


Bringing your dog to the vet clinic, without a fuss or being anxious.


Or taking your dog to work, and having him well-behaved, hanging out in your place of business.


Helping you with the set- up and training of a new dog at your house, and in public, if required.


Or simply being a Senior Citizen who is not able to leave the house for dog training.



Any other request, please contact us for information.

Note: Depending on your dog's state of mind, in- home sessions might be necessary to start more detailed training!

(See Behavior Rehab)




Fee for 1 single Private Session

in Public or at Home:   $ 81 + Tax



Fee for a Package of 4 Private Sessions:   $ 244 + Tax


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